Reports to Congress

A Review of Amtrak's On-Time Performance

  • 01
  • May
  • 1995
SUBJECT: Amtrak, Budget
KEYWORDS: Performance, Amtrak, freight, carrier, trends
ABSTRACT: ...The freight railroads have been responsive. Recent statistics suggest a reversal in declining on-time performance trends. In each of the last three quarters, system-wide on-time performance has improved over the previous year. Also encouraging is preliminary data showing reductions of delays caused solely by Amtrak or by a freight railroad. By contrast, it appears that delays are increasing in areas where responsibility is less clear. Additional confirmation of the improvement in Amtrak's performance has been the increase in Amtrak's incentive payments over the last several quarters. During the last two quarters combined, the first quarter of FY 1995 and the fourth quarter of FY 1994, Amtrak paid $12.1 Million in incentives, compared to $8.3 Million for the same two quarters two years ago...
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