Accident Investigations

HQ-2018-1293 (Finalized)

  • 05
  • Aug
  • 2018
LOCATION: Pittsburgh, PA
RAILROAD: Norfolk Southern Railway Company
SUBJECT: Accident Investigations, Human Factors, Track
KEYWORDS: derailment; Norfolk Southern Railway Company; Pittsburgh, PA; human factors; track
ABSTRACT: At 1:02 p.m., EDT, a Norfolk Southern Railway Company (NS) intermodal train 21QC105 (Train 1) derailed seven double-stack articulated intermodal cars with three wells each. Train 1 was traveling northbound in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, on the NS Pittsburgh Division, Mon Line on Main Track 1 at 18 mph, on clear signal indication with the lead locomotive approaching Milepost (MP) ML 5.6 when the derailment occurred. There was no fire or injuries due to the derailment; however, there was significant damage to the Port Authority light rail system servicing Pittsburgh, including nearly a three-week service disruption and $1,800,000 in damage to infrastructure.